This unique training program allows you to leave your dog with us for a period of 12 days. Your dog will receive daily individual training instruction, balanced with play time (at Doggie Day Care) and adequate rest. Upon completion of the program, your dog will be fully trained to the best of his or her ability to heel, sit, stay, down and come to you on lead. We also introduce your dog to "go place," which is a command that comes in very handy at home. We teach your dog to go to his or her crate, or bed, upon being told to do so and to stay in his place until he is released... no matter the distraction (i.e. the doorbell ringing).

This training course includes one follow-up training session at the student's home. This training program requires the pet owner to assume a greater responsibility in reinforcing the behaviors your dog learns in school. Although we will gain the respect of your dog and his obedience, you will need to maintain this at home in order to fully benefit from this program.

If your dog is already going to be boarding while you are away, the Bootcamp program is a great opportunity to take advantage of this time at Hounds Town and jumpstart his or her obedience!

Tuition: $1,750.00 - includes training equipment, food, day care and boarding costs and an optional lesson with owner(s) halfway through the program.

*If you would like us to train your dog while you are away to reinforce his or her obedience, but cannot keep your dog with us for 12 days, please ask us about training options. We may be able to train your dog for $75 a session.

Jayda, a recent Bootcamp Graduate