Included in the Full Temperament Evaluation package:

An extensive Temperament Evaluation of the dog(s), exposing them to different stimuli and observing their reaction.
A written document explaining the dog's temperament and reaction to said stimuli.
A video to document the Temperament Evaluation (as visual proof).
A Temperament Evaluation Certificate, edorsed by Michael S. Gould
10% off coupon for future Obedience Training programs provided by Hounds Town University

Full Temperament Evaluation Package Fee: $250 and up

The Price for A Better Peace of Mind: Priceless


*Please CLICK HERE to download and print our Evaluation Assessment Questionnaire
(to be filled out by owner and handed in at time of scheduled evaluation)

Please call us to discuss further details or to schedule an evaluation. Michael (631-375-4666) or Jackie (631-873-9486)

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