“Turbo Dog Training™” is a comprehensive one-day dog training and management program that jump starts good behavior!
If your dog pulls, bites, barks, jumps, chews, begs or is a general nuisance, don’t get mad: develop the dog you always dreamed of owning.

If you have tried yelling, yanking, treats, clickers, spray bottles, throwing cans of pennies, bitter apple, electric collars, prong collars or are otherwise battling your dog for good behavior with NO results, STOP THE INSANITY!!!


If you do not want to commit to group classes, being available up to eight consecutive weeks or weekends in a row, “Turbo Dog Training™" may just be the solution for you! Our Turbo Dog Training course is held on Saturday from 9 AM to 3 PM. The course is presented by “Court Qualified Canine Expert,” Michael S. Gould, former Commanding Officer of the Nassau County Police K-9 Unit. Upon successful completion, each student will be awarded an “Obedience Certification.”

This seminar consists of “hands-on” dog handling, classroom work, problem solving, socialization for your furry friend, health and legal responsibilities of pet ownership.

Tuition: $295 (includes training equipment, all written materials and certification). Cash only.

*Please note, the class will be held in our Ronkonkoma location.

*PLEASE NOTE - The following class is TBD.

Limited Seating!!! Hurry and enroll; first come, first serve. *Please check out our Facebook page for more testimonials!

Please click the below link to view or download the paperwork associated with Turbo Dog Training for our current class:
CLICK HERE to download all of the information below in one PDF packet. Included in the packet:

  • Turbo Dog Training Registrant Agreement
  • Turbo Dog Training Registrant Questionnaire
  • Turbo Dog Training Welcome Letter